Vision and values

Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values were launched in 2011 as a fundamental statement of who we are as a business and how we operate.

They originate from the conviction of the Company that National Express wants to be. Rather than the potential 'gloss' of Corporate Social Responsibility, the way we act as a business embodies these Vision and Values. In National Express' view being a good and successful company should be - and are - synonymous.

Our Vision is to earn the lifetime loyalty of our customers by consistently delivering frequent, high performing public transport services which offer excellent value.

Underpinning this Vision we have a common set of Values across National Express:



We constantly strive to be excellent in all that we do. By being excellent in all that we do we will meet customer expectations, deliver industry-leading services and act as a willing and constructive partner. Read more about Excellence.



We only do what is safe and stop any unsafe behaviour. Safety is our priority. More than anything else we value the health and safety of our customers, employees and the general public. Read more about Safety.



We place them at the heart of our business and relentlessly meet their expectations. Read more about Customers.



We develop the talents, reward the exceptional performance and respect the rights of all our employees. Read more about People.



We are active in the communities we serve to generate economic, social and environmental value. Read more about Community.

Our Values guide how we operate as a business and help us prioritise what we focus on. Ultimately, we believe that these Vision and Values help us to deliver excellent services and drive growth in our business.


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